While most kids will turn to cutting grass to save up money, this particular 11-year-old is doing something you might catch regularly on HGTV.

Credit: Erik Daily, La Crosse Tribune
Credit: Erik Daily, La Crosse Tribune

Actually, it's because of shows like House Hunters that inspired Madison Bue of West Salem, Wisconsin, to embark upon a house-flipping career to bank some extra dough for college.

According to The LaCrosse Tribune, Madison has been rehabbing a house her grandpa bought for her this summer, with any profits from the eventual sale of the property earmarked for a college savings account.

Of the labor she’s undertaken to whip her new house into shape, she says, “Even though I am hot and sweaty and tired at the end of the day, I am really proud of all that I did that day. I’m excited to be able to tell my friends I accomplished this.”

Sure beats babysitting for a living!

(Source: The LaCrosse Tribune)

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