As we mentioned yesterday, construction on Hwy 52 is continuing, but more news came out today that there will be a brief closure on Highway 52 on both lanes in 15 minute increments on Saturday, September 9th.

The work will begin around 2 a.m. and be completed around 6 a.m. During this time, they will be stopping traffic to move the beams to the correct site and so the cranes can lift and lower the beams into place on the northbound bridge in Cannon Falls.

The Minnesota State Patrol will stop traffic so the bridge beams can be put in place. There is a total of four beams being place, and each beam should take about 15 minutes to place, which is when traffic will be stopped. Traffic will resume between when each beam is being placed.

So, if you are headed north on hwy 52 very early on Saturday morning, plan ahead so you don't caught up in the placement of the beams. Hwy 52 bridge replacements at Cannon Falls are between the interchanges for Goodhue County Road 24 and Highway 19.

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