It's not a typical reaction to news of a "lost boa", but this Minnesota town is rallying around Rocky.

I'll admit - I'm not a snake fan, but I do hope this guy gets home!

Rocky was announced "missing" in Princeton almost a week ago. According to the Mille Lac County Animal Control, Rocky is described as 5 feet in length, and "extremely docile." He is also "greatly adored" by the town.

In fact, he's probably more terrified of you than you are of him.

Rocky's owners would like to know whether or not he is dead or alive. The theory is that he'll have difficulty with the cooler temperatures we've seen lately.

Neighbors are assisting with the search and recalled meeting the very "docile" Rocky a few times.

I, too, have had snakes in my care. While I haven't experienced life with a boa, I did learn from snakes I've handled that they all search for one thing: warmth. When it's cold - they hibernate. When they get no food, they're immobile.

I'm guessing Rocky will be found coiled near a heater, but that's just a hunch. If you know anything about where Rocky might be, please contact the Mille Lacs County Animal Control.

Mille Lacs Animal Control
Mille Lacs Animal Control

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