Now that this year’s Minnesota State Fair is finally all wrapped up, many of us are recovering from all those Luigi Fries, cookies, and other deep-fried concoctions we chowed down. A few of you may never be able to untaste that Dill Pickle Beer. It was okay.

The fair can obviously get a little chaotic – especially with this year’s record crowds – so it can be pretty easy to lose something. This year, the fair is claiming that about 1,000 items were left behind. Staff will be running a Lost & Found over the next two weeks to help get those items back to their rightful owners.

For the record, the majority of stuff left behind are typically keys and phones, but they’ve even found odd stuff like dentures, hearing aids, clothes, and even strollers. That one is, um, slightly concerning.

If you lost something at the fair this year, here’s where you can try to reclaim your stuff:

Through 9/8 from 9AM to Noon: West End Market on West Dan Patch Avenue

9/12 through 9/22: Administration Two building at 1312 Cosgrove Street by the main fair entrance

Anything not claimed by September 22nd will be donated to charity, so you may want to act fast if you want that stroller back!

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