Minnesotans are the best, dontcha know? Here are 5 things we do better than anyone else! 

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    Complain About the Weather

    Minnesota has two seasons - construction and winter.

    Give it 5 minutes, it'll probably change.

    40 degrees = flip flop time!


  • Scott Olson
    Scott Olson

    Food on a Stick

    Fried EVERYTHING on a stick!

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Staying Loyal to Their Team

    Every Vikings fan at the end of EVERY season: "there's always next year..."

    "Maybe it'll be the year for the Timberwolves!"

    "or not... go Twins!"


  • Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Carving Butter Sculptures

    Every Dairy Princess has a butter sculpture in their freezer that looks just like them!

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    Minnesota nice! It's legit. If you don't believe it, travel! Go anywhere, and see if people treat you like they do here

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