I usually fill out an NCAA tournament bracket every year, but again this year I filled out an NIT Bracket. Now, I usually refer to NIT as the team is "Not In Tournament," but just three years ago, the Golden Gophers got all the way to Madison Square Garden and won it! (The Gophers won just as many NCAA Tournament games as Duke that year too, as the Blue Devils were upset in their first game of the tournament).

The NCAA Tournament has seven Big Ten teams in action, and the NIT has three other Big Ten teams. After watching just a few of these teams play during the year, I made my picks and chose all three Big Ten teams to move on. I was wrong in at least one of them.

NIT Bracket Busted

Overall on the first day, I got 5 games wrong. #1 seed California got upset, but I hope for UC-Irvine to upset on the other side of things tonight. My Big Ten bias evened out kind of. How's your NIT Bracket looking?

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