So, we went a full day with the Daylight Savings Time in effect now (Sunday doesn't count as it wasn't a full 24 hours). A lot of people don't really like the time change, but there are some good things about it.

U.S. Prepares To Set Clocks Back As Daylights Saving Time Ends
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One bad thing I've noticed is that I drive in to work in the dark the whole drive up again. That is not as fun, but once I get off work there is some daylight to enjoy. Yesterday the sunglasses were in full force, with some sun shining off of the snow.

I think across the oceans, they do daylight savings later, so the ballgames I'm watching in the World Baseball Classic are starting at 5:00 instead of 4:00 in the morning, which really helps me get sleep that people are supposedly losing. I'm already good and awake at that time. But as it is, later on I prefer the daylight to be past 8:00 in the summer and not before 4:00AM, when playing ball outside is slightly frowned upon. Opening Day for the Minnesota Twins is coming up in 20 days. We'll see when high school spring sports will be played, as we hope to have plenty more high school basketball the next couple weeks!


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