Yes, you read that headline correctly. Students that attend Valley High School had the idea of wearing USA-themed attire at a High School Basketball game against Des Moines North High School.

This story comes from Fox News, and the students from Valley did issue an apology, because the attire was taken offensively because many players from Des Moines North were from refugee families.

I just thought it was interesting to see that a school apologized for having a theme that was patriotic. This is not the first time that Valley High School has decided wear USA-themed attire, either, according to the post.

USA-themed is not the only theme that students have done. Personally, I have seen hunting themes, PJ themes, beach themes among many others. I guess I just don't understand how dressing in Red White and Blue could be deemed offensive. Of course, it was no ones intent to be offensive, their intent was too dress alike in support of their classmates and their school.

You can see more on the story, here, courtesy of

What are your thoughts on this particular subject?

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