You see the weather reports and wonder "How bad is it really? It's just a few inches of snow." Well Heidi Ubben had an interesting, to say the least, drive on Interstate 35 last night north of Faribault.


According to her Facebook post, Ubben was heading back to Sioux Falls from the Twin Cities in yesterday's storm when she saw this chain of accidents and other drivers stranded on the road between them on the northbound side of I-35. She and her traveling companion eventually pulled off and stayed at a hotel for the night instead of continuing their journey through the storm.

As Minnesotans, we know that driving in snow can be tricky. If you must travel in poor weather, consider these driving tips from AAA. Also, check out the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Road Reports. It's also available in an app, so you can check roads anywhere in Minnesota from wherever you are.

The first day of spring may be only one week away, but we know winter is probably not over yet! Stay safe out there!

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