Free Agent Running Backs of come off the board, but none of them are Adrian Peterson. He has met with several teams, but I don't think any of them are interested in signing a 32-year-old running back, who is coming off an injury.

I think there are teams out there that see what Peterson is looking for, but realize that he is not the back he once was. He is not a three-down back. He can't catch the ball out of the backfield, and he is not great at blocking.

All of this adds up to a free-agent running back that is unsigned. Early, it looked like Peterson was looking to get $4-$6 million in the open market. Well Eddie Lacy just signed in Seattle for about $5 million.

Do you really Peterson is going to make more than that? Don't forget, Peterson visited in Seattle before Lacy went there, and Peterson left without a deal.

I think we are starting to see how teams value Peterson, and I think it is a very real possibility that he comes back to the Vikings. We will see, he might sign a really cheap deal with another team, but I think his best look is with the Vikings.

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