Yesterday, March 13th, was National K9 Veterans Day. That hits rather close to home for me. When I was growing up, I had a dog that was a K9. His name was Bosco.

I am fairly certain he was more popular than I, especially in school. A big, furry dog that would do anything to protect someone, but was friendly enough where you could approach him, pet him and he would love you right back. As you can see from the photo, once he retired he became an inside dog, without a care in the world.

He got excited in a hurry, but was the most obedient dog I have ever seen. Yes, I might be a little bias, but it is also true. If I said sit, he would sit. If I said down, he would lie down. If I wanted him to jump on the couch and snuggle, he would jump on the couch and snuggle, reluctantly.

I have a huge appreciation and respect for Police Officers and their K9 partners. I loved every single second of having Bosco. He was apart of the force for seven years, and lived with us for 16 years. A beautiful German Shepard he was.

When I see the post on social media about dogs getting vest for their work, I can't help but gush a huge smile. I love that donations can help get a dog and his partner safe.

Bosco was the greatest dog a kid for ask for and K9 Veterans Day just made me think of that even more.

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