The Minnesota Vikings and Blair Walsh did not have a great end to his career with the Vikings. We all remember when he missed the chip-shot field goal that would have given the Vikings an upset victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, now Walsh plays for the Seahawks and the Vikings players were supposedly chirping on the field during the Vikings 20-13 loss in Week 2 of the preseason, and that caused Walsh to fire back, according to ESPN. 

After Walsh made a field goal, he pointed at the Vikings bench.

Walsh said it was all in good fun ,and hope the Vikings players meant it in the same way. Did they? I am not sure. You never know, though. he did lose them a playoff game.

Does it surprise me that it could have been all in good fun? Absolutely not. They were teammates for 5 years, after all. I think the Vikings were just giving him friendly reminders that he missed a lot of big kicks late in his purple career.

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