A classic summer game that many in Southeast Minnesota will find themselves playing, but turns out you can compete for a national title in this sport on ESPN 2.

Yes, it was the National Cornhole Championships! Or what many of us call in Southeast Minnesota, Bean Bags. A game that many of us play out by the lake, or maybe in someone's garage during the winter season, was actually on ESPN 2.

I was pretty impressed to see bean bags to be played on ESPN 2, and they went the whole nine yards. From play-by-play, color commentator and sideline...errrr side-board reporter, it was an enhanced experience as you got to see some of the best in the country toss their bags into a hole.

Honestly, it wasn't that entertaining to watch, but I did like the production as a whole. You got to see the emotions from the players and also an overhead view of the board. It was pretty interesting and well worth the five minutes I spent on it. I found of video and you can check out the production yourself via American Cornhole League on YouTube.

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