ESPN  will make a slight change in programming for the first nine weeks of the NFL season, as they will air "Monday Night Football" in Spanish on ESPN2!

I think this is pretty cool, as nobody is really going to watch ESPN2 on a Monday night anyway, because they are watching the game. Now, those who speak Spanish as their native language, will have the opportunity to watch and listen to the game in the language they understand best.

In a year full of very poor decisions by ESPN, I'll give them props on this one.

The NFL is a global game, with multiple games in London, last year a game in Mexico, the NFL is looking to reach the biggest audience possible. Simulcasting "Monday Night Football" on ESPN2 does just that.

Before, ESPN was simulcasting their prime-time game on ESPN Deportes, which only reached about 6 millions homes. ESPN2, on the other hand, reaches approximately 88 million homes in America, according to Pro Football Talk.

ESPN is only able to do this for nine weeks, as they have College Basketball commitments on Monday nights in November and December, but for the first nine weeks, the Spanish-language broadcast will be available to those who wish to watch and listen to it.

I do not speak a lick of Spanish, but I will be checking it out to see what it is like. It is something different, and something I think is pretty cool.

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