We live in a time where everything is online. This means we have a lot of information floating around that could end up in the wrong hands. If you have ever had your social media hacked, it is not a fun process to protect your information again. Bring Me the News claims the Minnesota Vikings Instagram page was hacked on Monday.

The hackers did not do a good job of hiding their identity. They posted their name and logo on the Vikings Instagram page. The original post has been taken down. You can see exactly what they posted in this Tweet.

The group calls themselves OurMine. In their post, they said they did this to prove, "... anything is hackable." They continued to say that you should reach out to them to protect your account from having the same thing happen to it. This sounds a little fishie to me!

Apparently the Vikings weren't the only team affected by this mass hacking scheme. Other teams in the NFL saw the same message on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Our neighbors the Packers along with the Cowboys, Bills, Texans, Chiefs and Bears all experienced this hack in one way or another.

The article says the group has seen some punishment for their actions. Twitter decided that their actions were not acceptable and disabled their account. Hopefully, we won't see anything like this again.

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