We've got a big weekend ahead of us. Not only is Sunday Groundhogs Day... it's also the day Super Bowl LIV is going down! Every Minnesotan watches the Super Bowl for different reasons. Some watch it for the food, others for the commercials... while others actually watch it for the football. Here are 20 reasons why Minnesotans should watch this year's Super Bowl.

1.  You get an excuse to eat all the carbs in the world and not feel guilty about it.


2. Watching the Super Bowl means you get an excuse to drink heavily on a Sunday... maybe even get some day drinking in your life if you plan to pregame!

3. If you bet on the game, it gives you reasons to see if you made any money.

4. This year the Patriots aren't playing. Lots of folks have been talking about this leading up to the big game!

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
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5. Speaking of the Patriots... you won't hear Tom Brady's name every other word during the broadcast.

6. The matchup this year... the 49er's and the Cheifs... it's going to be a good game. On paper, it sounds like it is going to be a close one.

7. There are a few commercials that haven't been released yet, which means there will still be chatter on Monday on about the surprise ones.

8. Three words... HALF-TIME SHOW! Something interesting always happens during the half-time show that leaves folks talking for a few days. That might not happen if they had a country artist... just saying... it would be a clean memorable show! ;)

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

9. Super Bowl Sunday is officially "get out of chores day." You have an excuse to sit on your couch all day and watch football. Can that happen every week?

10. Females... I think you know what I'm going to say. How about those football pants?!? ;) You don't need more of an explanation here! Sometimes the folks running the camera get a good shot if you know what I mean!

11. The big game gives you different conversation starters for a solid week. It's extremely helpful if you are in the dating world.

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12. Did I mention it's an excuse to eat? It essentially the second Thanksgiving of the year! There are plenty of restaurants in Minnesota that are offering some deals as well. 

13. Get social! It brings folks together. You get to hang out with loved ones and friends for around five hours.

14. It gives you an excuse to have a long weekend. *Caugh* *Cough*  "Super Bowlitous came on and I can't be at Work Monday."

15. Speaking of Monday... if you watch the game, you have an excuse to slack at work on Monday. You can be too tired, hungover or in a food coma to work. Every boss will understand... okay not every but a majority of them will be right there with you!

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