Is it a conspiracy? It sure looks that way.

Yesterday, Blair Walsh signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Even twitter noticed how weird it was that Walsh signed with the Seahawks.



I can't be the only person that finds this really weird, right? I mean Walsh did miss that key field goal on the brutally cold day in January, 2016. We all remember that, right?

I do not want to talk about, because it makes me cry. What a horrible day that was.

The Seahawks former kicker, Steven Hauschka, is a free agent, and with the signing of Walsh, it doesn't look like Hauschka will be back with Seattle. This gives Walsh a great opportunity to be the starting kicker in Seattle next season.

Now, I am not saying he missed the kick on purpose. I just find it weird that of all the teams he could have signed with, Seattle was the one to pick him up. He missed the biggest field goal of his career against the Seahawks, and now he plays for them. It is just a little fishy.

If Walsh kicks the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory in Minnesota, our state might explode. Especially if they beat the Vikings in the playoffs.

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