Paul Richardson of the Seattle Seahawks made one of the most ridiculous catches of the year in the Seahawks 26-6 win over the Detroit Lions in the NFC Wild Card Round of the 2017 Playoffs.

Richardson, who regular season stats consist of 21 catches for 288 yards and a touchdown, submitted his entry has he jumped back across the field, into a defender, and snagged the touchdown grab with one hand. Thanks to Green Mode, we can see the catch, and oh my was it fantastic.

Richardson wasn't really apart of the Seahawks offense in the regular season, but his presence was felt in the playoff win. I think is the best catch of the season. Not only was it for a touchdown, which always adds value to any catch, it was in the playoffs! I am not a big Seattle fan at all, but this is just ridiculous. To have that body control and the ability to bring in the pass with one hand with that much contact from a defensive back is just nuts!

Do you think this is worthy of the title "Catch of the Year"?

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