After calling the Kingsland vs. Fillmore Central Girls Basketball game tonight, I was able to get home and catch the end of both the Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild, and the Phoenix Suns vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I honestly could't remember when the last time both the Wild and Wolves won on the same day, so I had to do some digging, but it happened this year. As I did more digging, I learned that the Wild and Wolves actually play on the same day 41 times this season. That means, half of each teams season will be played on the same day. You know what's worse? They share home-game dates on 14 days this year, according to an article from the Star Tribune.

If you follow the link, you will see how the schedule for each team is created. The big reason is because the Twin Cities is one of 15 markets to have both an NBA and NHL team, and in only five of those markets do teams not share an arena. This makes scheduling games easier for the Wolves and Wild.

I just thought it was interesting that the Wolves and Wild could play on the same day so many times. Weird right?

If you live near the Twins Cities, that might be more of an issue, because you want to attend the games. Down here in Southeast Minnesota, I love it! I get to get my hockey and basketball fix within a three hour time period. Life is good.

Tuesday was sweeter, too. The Wild won in a shootout and Andrew Wiggins hit a buzzer-beater to beat the Suns. Thanks to JJ Trends via YouTube, we can watch Wiggins break the hearts of the Suns and all of their fans.

It was the first buzzer beater since Luke Ridnour hit one against the Jazz back in 2012.

And boy, was that sweet, too! Thanks to NBA via YouTube.


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