When I was driving down to KFIL/KVGO Studio today, I happened to see some construction-like equipment at the Preston City Hall. I decided to take a quick picture, and did some digging.

I then came to the conclusion that it was for the new mural that is going to be placed on City Hall! You can get a preview of what some of the paintings look like on the Preston Area Arts Council's Facebook Page.

I thought that was pretty cool that City Hall was going to get a little bit of a face-lift, and the previews look fantastic!

According to the same Facebook page, the mural should be delivered by May 1st and ready to go by Trout Days in Preston! That is some pretty exciting stuff! Make sure you check out the photos, because they are unbelievably good!

Did you know that City Hall was getting a new mural? I sure didn't! What do you think of the photos?

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