The Minnesota Timberwolves have used their current logo for the past nine seasons, and tomorrow a new logo with coincide with a new era of Timberwolves basketball, according to the team's Facebook page.

I am pretty excited for the new logo. I grew up loving the Timberwolves when they were in their glory years with Kevin Garnett. Now, with a new core of players in Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, the team will now embark on a new era with a new logo.

I hope they use the old logo as inspiration for the new one they are creating now. I love the old-school feel of it, along with the the lime green. It is an awesome color, and I think will bring many fans back into the seats, which is what the Wolves are looking for. Especially with their lack of defensive effort.

Be ready for the release of a new logo, that will hopefully launch an era of better play on the court.

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