Today April 11 is National Pet Day.  When people think of buying a pet, of course their first thought is a dog or cat.  Throughout my life I've had several dogs - beagles, German shepherds, Spaniels, and a great husky-lab mix.  Now I have three crazy birds.  Yes, birds.  Not your typical pet but then again, I'm not a typical person!  Billie, my parakeet, was named after Billy Joel.  He loves himself, sits on his perch for hours kissing himself in the mirror.  Little Jade is a parrotlet, named because of her gorgeous green coloration.  A little note about Jade.  When I bought her, I thought she was a boy.  Then she started laying eggs.  Blue, another parrotlet, was adopted from a friend.  Blue is my "naked bird".  He seems to be in a constant molt.  His head feathers are a striking shade of blue but his poor little body rarely has feathers on it.  Doesn't seem to bother him; he's happy, sings all the time, eats everything in sight including mandarin oranges and pineapple. So that's my pet family - you can see their photos below.  Whether you have cats, birds, dogs, hamsters, goldfish or iguanas, please always treat them right. Happy National Pet Day!

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