On Monday, the National Weather Service said Rochester, Minnesota hit a high 0f 74 degrees first around 2:35 PM. The forecast for tonight? By midnight it's expected to hit 30 degrees. Maybe even 20 degrees!

Quick math tells me that between Monday and tonight, we'll have swerved over 40 degrees in the downward direction. It didn't take many sleeps to get here, either.

On the National Weather Service - LaCrosse Facebook page they indicated it might be even colder than the general forecast late tonight/early tomorrow morning,


"Decreasing clouds tonight and a much cooler and drier airmass should allow temperatures to fall through the 40s into the 20s and 30s with widespread frost/freeze conditions."

Down to 20. If we get that low, we'll have dropped over 50 degrees since Monday afternoon. All I have to say is...Welcome To Minnesota! Which I say with a little pride. We are tough, here!

Jessica Williams wrote a story to make sure you know what to do to prepare for tonight's freeze.

Must-Do Item Before it Freezes in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin

Before our temperatures drop down to freezing, there is one thing that you need to take care of at your house.  If you decide NOT to keep reading, you may end up spending thousands of dollars to fix the issue, all because you decided NOT to keep scrolling.

DO THIS BEFORE THE FIRST FREEZE:  Walk around your house and look for all of your faucets.  If you have any hoses still attached, disconnect them now. Read More: Minnesota Homeowners Could Be Out 1,000's Because of Huge Mistake 


This might not look like much, but it could freeze and burst INSIDE your home. SO much water damage before you even know it's leaking. James/Canva


One last thing, quick. Kudos to the National Weather Service out of LaCrosse, WI for going Bones / No Bones!

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