I came across an article on Vice called A Portrait of an Unrepentant Murderer in Prison, and was shocked to discover that the author is a current inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Faribault. The author, Aaron Ernst, is currently serving 6-10 years for a drug offense. He wrote to Vice about a time when he was having a phone conversation with his girlfriend at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility when he witnessed one of the most disturbing things he's ever seen in prison:

"[We] had just started talking when another inmate walked by with a piece of paper clipped to his chest."

He couldn't see what was on the paper at first, but the man started to skip around the room, throwing his hands up in the air in celebration to the cheers of some inmates and the disgust of others:

"The next time he came around, I turned in time to see what was on the paper. Clipped to the front of his shirt was a full-page photo of a young man shot in the face, lying dead in the street."

The author goes on to describe just how gruesome that photo was. It turns out that the photo was taken by the prosecution to convict the very same man who was proudly displaying the photo on his chest "like a badge of honor." The author said that he's seen plenty of disturbing things while incarcerated, but this moment was in a league of its own.

"I would never wish it on anyone, but there are just some people you can tell will be back in prison over and over again."

Yikes. The full article is a very creepy-but-good read, and the fact that it took place in Minnesota is what really makes it hit home.

Source: Vice

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