The Minnesota State Fair is setting attendance records right and left this year as Minnesotans flock to the fairgrounds in Falcon Heights, but just how much does a day at the Fair actually cost?

courtesy Minnesota State Fair
courtesy Minnesota State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together has a been a great place to go with your family for many years now, but like many things, costs keep going up, right? And while there's no 'average' day at the Fair-- because there are so many things to do-- KARE 11 did a story recently to try to find out what a 'typical' day at the Fair would cost.

In their story, they figured in the cost of tickets, parking, a lunch, two food snacks, a few rides on the midway and a souvenir. They didn't include any adult beverages like wine or beer in their total (hello, getting some Mini Donut Beer is pretty much the only reason I head to the Fair!) and they also didn't include any tickets to a show in the Grandstand.

Their typical day came out to cost you about $106 dollars per person. Now, I recently tried to tally up what my wife and I spent on our day at the Fair last Friday. Over the course of about 10 hours at the Fair, I had a Pronto Pup, an Up North Puff Pastry, some Walleye Mac and Cheese, and a S'Mores Nordic Waffle. I also enjoyed a Mini Donut Beer, 'The Kloser' IPA, Key Lime Pie Beer, and a Hamm's during the Sugarland show in the Grandstand.

To keep things even with KARE's story, I didn't include our Sugarland tickets. But even with $25 to park at the Shanghai Market off Como Avenue and our admission tickets, my total was in the same neighborhood, but a little less-- coming in at about $101.

Either way, that's still a pretty good bargain compared to some of the prices you pay at a sporting event or amusement park, right? Oh, and the people-watching? That's always free!

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