This probably wasn't an ordinary day on the job for Deputy Wurzel!

Then again, what is ordinary for officers? Did you see this incredible story!?

After assisting a harrowing delivery just off of I90 Dresbach, Deputy Wurzel got to meet baby Oliver. Thankfully, Oliver is a healthy boy today! He joined two siblings during the weekend ordeal.

When I look at this picture the Winona County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook, I can see how grateful each person in the photo is to have had each other.

It's easy to forget how much our emergency service personnel endure on the job. We can't fathom what they see, hear and smell in a day. This post was a fantastic reminder of that. Especially their quote, "Deputies start their shift every day without knowing what the day is going to bring. In this case, Deputy Wurzel’s shift had just started. Although this job can be difficult at times, it’s times like these that we remember why we wear our badges."

One day they're responding to a cat caught in a tree, the other, they're saving a life. In this case, they welcomed a new one.

This officer needs a raise! Congratulations to the Hanratty family!

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