Autumn is here, which means harvest season in southeastern Minnesota.  I see many area farmers harvesting the crops already, the earliest in memory.  The dry weather is probably a big factor.  It's also a reminder of the incredible work ethic of our ag producers, including their children.  I see ads on craigslist for seasonal grain harvest workers, which means hard work and good pay for young people.  The game hasn't changed much with technological advances.  When I was a teenager, baling hay and milking cows was difficult, but a great experience.  Getting good exercise, making good money and having a great meal were included.  Farm kids do that every day without complaint. I'm proud to say my 14 year old son landed his first job this summer.  It's not farm work, but working at McDonald's is the next best thing.  Like many parents, I'm so happy to see my child enter the work force, make money and mature.

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