Teachers hold our world's future, as they shape young minds, and Minnesota is one of the best places for them to be.

According to Wallet Hub, Minnesota is ranked 6th in the nation when it comes to being one of the best states to be a teacher. The site takes into account salary, turnover, competition, student-teacher ratio, spending and overall school systems.

Minnesota did not crack the top five in any of the categories, but obviously had a strong showing in each of them to fall just out of the top five among the 51 rankings.

What I found most interesting was that many of the best schools in the nation are found in the east coast. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania all cracked the top 5, while Illinois got in at number 3.

On the bottom portion of the list include Arizona, Hawaii, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida, which does not have any geographical similarities. I find that really interesting. There is an obvious correlation in geography in the top part of the list, but not the bottom.

I thought it might have to do with spending, but there truly wasn't any correlation there, but it is sure interesting to delve into how each state gets their score.

From competition and salary, to environment, each state got its own, weighted score. Minnesota was ranked 10th in opportunity and ninth in environment. Two very high scores helped boost them to sixth overall. If you want to be a teacher, Minnesota is a great place to be.

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