You won't believe what he's charging for this either!

While I was browsing Facebook over the weekend, I noticed a very odd ad in the "Marketplace" section of the social media giant.

The seller, Dave Medford, explains, "There has been no ketchup, relish or mustard applied to this half. I tore it in half knowing it would look bad if there was a bite at the end! This Costco hotdog sold for $1.50 including a drink, I'm selling the other half for only $.25‼️ (The drink is gone ) Just like Costco this will be sold first come first serve‼️ The hotdog is in Faribault Minnesota."

If you're interested in buying... here's the hotdog!

Dave Medford via Facebook
Dave Medford via Facebook

Okay - I've gotta ask, would anyone even consider actually buying this!? Who wants a half-eaten hotdog!?

Take a look at the ad if you dare.

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