Oops. Looks like it was a typo that's to blame for a batch of Minnesota Vikings team shirts that misspelled the team's name.

According to a story in the Star-Tribune, Mary Struwve was shopping in Lino Lakes when she spotted some 'Skol Vikings' shirts.

Except that they didn't say 'Vikings.' They said 'Vickings.' That's right, they added an extra 'c' before the 'k' in Vikings.

So, yeah, that'd be 'Skol Vickings.'

Mary said in the story, though, she likes the mistake.  "I wanted to buy it because it was misspelled," Struwve said.

The story also noted that Struwve said a friend of hers found the same 'Skol Vickings' shirt several of the shirts in a Mankato area Kohl's.

When informed on the mistake, the stores quickly pulled all the misspelled shirts, the story said. And, a call to the store's management looking for an explanation "went unanswered," the story said.

But I think I can explain it: the store selling the shirts was Kohl's, which is based in Menomonee Falls, just outside Milwaukee... in Wisconsin!

See the now infamous shirt HERE.