November 6-10, 2017 is Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Minnesota.  Winter Fire Safety is today's focus of discussion.
We all do it.  We use portable space heaters in our homes to help keep warm.  If not used properly, space heaters can pose serious fire hazards.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety website recommends the following when using space heaters.
Space heaters should be placed at least three feet away from anything flammable including draperies, paper, bedding and clothing.  Never leave a space heater unattended at bedtime or when you leave your home.  Never place mittens, scarves, etc., over a space heater to dry.  Check the cords on space heaters periodically to be sure they are not frayed or broken.  Only purchase space heaters with a UL or FM label.

For more information concerning use of space heaters, wood stoves and fireplaces, visit Minnesota Department of Public Safety website and be prepared for winter weather ahead.

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