Can you imagine losing your home and belongings due to fire or flooding?  Devastating to say the least.  Now imagine finding out that your home was filled with black mold.  That's exactly what happened to the Scott and Trish Johnson family of Preston.  In January 2018, the Johnsons discovered that they had horrendous black mold growing in their home and were forced to move out.  In the months to follow, their home was completely gutted and the interior essentially rebuilt to make it habitable again.  The Johnsons and their three young children not only were displaced from their home but they lost their belongings, furniture, toys, clothing - essentially everything.  Young Slade Johnson had been suffering from numerous health issues and was diagnosed with Black Mold Toxicity.  While some of Slade's damage is permanent, he is doing much better.

Sunday July 22 from 7 a.m. till noon, B&B Bowl of Preston will hold their annual Pay-It-Forward Benefit Breakfast, this year all proceeds being donated to the Johnson family.  Breakfast will be served in the 4-H building at the fairgrounds in Preston, prepared and served by staff and friends of B&B Bowl.  Cost of the breakfast is $10 for adults and $5 for children.  If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation, please contact Shelly at B&B Bowl, 507-765-2522.  Let's do all we can to help the Johnsons.

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