November 6-10, 2017 is Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Minnesota.  Today we focus on outdoor winter safety.  A big concern during winter outdoor activities is frostbite.  Do you know the signs and symptoms of frostbite?  According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website, burning, numbness, tingling, a cold sensation and itching are signs of early frostbite.  The affected skin appears white and frozen, is cold to touch; it may even turn grey, yellow or blue.  With a deeper, more severe case of frostbite, the skin will blister, look yellow and waxy and turn purple-blue as it warms.  If you suspect frostbite on yourself or others, seek shelter in a warm building or vehicle as quickly as possible.  Immediately call 9-1-1 or seek medical attention. Never rub the affected area but warm gently by soaking in lukewarm water.  Loosely bandage the area.  Do not break blisters.
To learn more about frostbite, hypothermia and snow shoveling safety, visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website and be prepared for winter weather that lies ahead.

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