With the weather we have had lately, I have not had the opportunity to get on my snowmobile, which is really frusterating. I have always enjoyed going out on the trails, especially in Southeastern Minnesota.

Granted, I haven't really tried to make the time to go out and put some miles on, but usually, by this time of year, I would have been out with rides through Forestville State Park. A couple buddies of mine have taken the trails to Grand Meadow, Dexter and Ostrander. We usually like to make it day, head down to grab some lunch, and hit the trails on the way home. A lot of time we would stop at my buddy's grandparents house by Racine, too.

Am I the only one that has had this issue this year? I know there has been a couple decent days, but they seem awfully limited this year. Maybe I am just not trying hard enough!

With the rain, ice and low windchill temperatures, there really hasn't great weekend weather to take out my snowmobile. Then, we finally get out of the arctic temperatures, and we have rain and melting snow.

With the new snow possibly coming on Tuesday, could this coming weekend finally be the weekend I break my sled out? We will see!

Have you gotten your sled out this year? How many miles have you put on yours?

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