All reports indicate that the former Vikings QB will be signing with the Denver Broncos where he will have yet another strong defense behind him as he will compete in the ultra-competitive AFC West. With Keenum leaving the market, it shrinks the possibilities of who the Vikings QB will be this coming season.

The reports leaked late last night, but Keenum is expected to get between $18 and $20 million from the Denver Broncos.

After what was a magical 2017 NFL season, especially for our Minnesota Vikings, it brings us the question, what is your favorite Case Keenum memory? Yes, it was only one season, but it was an unforgettable one.

We will never forget the first time he lit up the Tampa Bay Bucs, or his phenomenal scrambling ability against the Rams, or the "Minneapolis Miracle". We will most likely try to forget the NFC Championship Game. We won't forget that Mike Zimmer never really said he was the starting QB of the team, even though he was leading the team to win after win.

It was a strange season for Vikings fans, but it was a special one, and Keenum was a HUGE part of that.

What is your favorite Keenum memory? Mine? Has to be the Minneapolis Miracle. It was certainly something I will never forget.

PS. With Keenum signing with Denver, it makes Kirk Cousins in Minnesota even more likely to happen...

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