It's never good news when anyone files for bankruptcy, whether it's a person, a business, or an entire chain of stores. But it looks like that's what might be happening to one store at Rochester's Apache Mall.

Teen retailer, Claire's, is expected to file for bankruptcy soon, according to this Bloomberg story. Claire's, of course, is located in Rochester at Apache Mall, on the first level near Herberger's. (Not that I've ever actually shopped there, mind you...)

But, according to the story, just because the Claire's chain is filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean the Rochester location is closing its doors. In fact, the story says that the bankruptcy plan would mean the store would most likely stay open.

"By filing for bankruptcy, Claire's would be able to keep its creditors at bay while it launches a turnaround effort, according to Bloomberg. So far, no store closures have been announced," the story said.

The story also said, though, that Claire's has been noticeably affected by the trend away from shopping at indoor malls. Which is a still little tough for me to wrap my head around-- I mean, who'd have ever thought things would change so much (thanks mainly to online shopping from sites like Amazon and others) that stores IN THE MALL would be having a tough go of it?!? The mall used to be THE place you wanted to be!

And it's not just here. Back in my hometown of Wausau, WI, I remember being a kid and being excited when the mall there (the aptly-named 'Wausau Center') first opened in the mid-80's. Now, though, I don't think there's even a single anchor store still in business there.

Claire's at Apache Mall is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. -- for now, anyway.

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