Have you ever wondered what the craziest law in Minnesota is? Well a story on goodhousekeeping.com did some research and found the 50 Craziest State Laws.

Minnesota's was quite odd, as the post stated "In Minnesota, dirty tires are banned"

I followed the source the post used to find this "crazy law" because I really couldn't believe it.

Well, turns out that law is very true, according to American Legal Publishing. It is a public nuisances in the City of Minnetonka for "a truck or other vehicle whose wheels or tires deposit mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter or other material on any street or highway".

How weird is that? I feel like having dirty tries here in Southeast Minnesota is a pretty common thing! You would have to wash your vehicle before you could drive on the highway, which doesn't make much sense to me, either. Good thing we don't have the same ordinances as the City of Minnetonka.

In Iowa, "You can't throw a brick onto the highway." I wondered what happened to make this become a law?

In Wisconsin, "butter substitutes are banned without permission." The post went on to say "A public eating establishment may not serve margarine as a substitute for butter unless requested by the customer in fear of sudden allergic reactions." Now this is a law I can get behind! About the only thing from Wisconsin I can get behind!

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