Friday night, KFIL brought you another boys basketball game. This one featured the St. Charles Saints, the Caledonia Warriors, and Isaac Fruechte!

Isaac Fruechte joined Bill Bentson on KFIL
Isaac Fruechte joined Bill Bentson on KFIL

Early on in this one, it was all Caledonia for an 8-0 lead, with Marten Morem leading the offense for the Warriors. A little bit of a run made it closer, with Drew Leistikow cutting into the then 10-1 Warrior lead with three points the old fashioned way. The Warriors held the lead for the rest of the half and then we went on to our halftime guest: former Caledonia Warrior Isaac Fruechte, who just played in Week 17 for the Minnesota Vikings!

The second half started more slowly on offense, as the Warriors “D” clamped down and prevented Leistikow and most of the St. Charles defense from scoring. The final was a Caledonia win 75-60!

KFIL Subway Player of the Game for St. Charles was Keagan Maloney. Keegan really directed the traffic for the Saints, and scored 13 in the second half to lead the offense with 20 total points.

For the Caledonia Warriors, KFIL Subway Player of the Game was Marten Morem. Morem finished with 29 points, shooting lights out with 19 of those points scoring in the second half.

The Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball went to Caledonia’s Owen King. Bill was on the call and compared him to a fellow Minnesotan basketball player in the postgame show. King had some great passing, and was pretty good shooting as well, scoring 17 in the game.

Tune in to KFIL Saturday morning at 10 AM for Coach’s Corner, and then we have plenty more coming up next week! Check the schedule on the website. We are KFIL Sports! We Bring Champions To You!

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