I never would have thought to do the research on this. It is quite unique to want to know what each state is bringing to the table. To be honest, the food that was deemed grossest in Minnesota, didn't look to bad. Maybe that is just me. I didn't see it coming though, that is for sure.

The first food I thought of was lutefisk. I mean, that seems a little obvious, right? So, I guess THIS post from fashionbeans.com didn't want to take the easy way out. Who are we kidding, lutefisk is fantastic. (Just kidding. I do not care for it.)

Well the food that came up after I scrolled down to Minnesota was...Pickle Dog.

So, what is a Pickle Dog? Well, it is a dill pickle, covered with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing and wrapped in a slice or two of roast beef.

Actually, that doesn't sound that bad...

If you couldn't tell, this food was found at the State Fair last year, according to the Pioneer Press. 

The grossest food in Iowa? - Loose Meat. It looks like ground beef in a biscuit. I'm not so sure what is bad about that.

The grossest food in Wisconsin? - Butter Burger. Again, what is wrong with a Butter Burger? This website thinks it is bad or something. They are fantastic.

This website wasn't very credible. That is for sure. What food do you eat in Minnesota that you think is the grossest?

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