I remember it very clearly. The Vikings were just plain ol' sick and tired of playing in the Metrodome, which I never understood. I loved going to the Dome. It was a dump, but it was our dump!

That, of course, is just my opinion, which is obliviously in the minority. The bill for the new stadium, which is absolutely beautiful, was finally passed and the Vikings were staying in Minnesota.

I remember that the Vikings were seriously thinking about moving to Los Angeles. I know, I couldn't be a fan of the Vikings if they did that. Now, the fans in Oakland, who have endured so much pain of having to watch a terrible football team for many, many years, finally have a good team. Heck, some may even call it a GREAT team.

Now, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, after the owners voted 31-1 to allow the team to move. You know how much money the owners collected because of the team relocation? Over $50 million. Do you think the owners feel bad about that? Hmmmm. I honestly feel bad for the people of Oakland. Those fans could have been me, they could have been all of the die-hard Vikings fans in Minnesota, but we got lucky. Oakland, not so much.

I think the Vikings were awfully close to moving to LA, but the political leaders passed the bill on that huge stadium. I am very glad they did, or I would have been torn. I have been a Vikings fan my entire life, I have been fortunate enough to attend several games, and thankful that the opportunity is still there to attend more.

Could I have cheered for a team that was no longer in the state? I really don't know. Could you?

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