Sunday marked another Turkey Dinner at Mabel-Canton. The annual event raises funds for the seniors to go on their senior class trip, which includes stops in historic locations such as Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. Looking at some information while waiting in line, I saw that the first one planned had its origins in Mabel in 1965, before Mabel and Canton schools had combined!

Line to Gym

It was quite the time there, with plenty of people and plenty to eat! The line was long as you see here, but it moved along a lot faster going through than it feels like when you work the event. One other fun thing there, with many people from the school community past and present there, was that I was able to chat with the parents of one of my friends from kindergarten whom I still hang out with from time to time.

The Senior Class Trip was a definite highlight of high school. We all hope they have a good time.

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