The United States Bowling Congress holds the Open Championships every calendar year, and this year the tournament was in Las Vegas. Boy, was it a good time.

My team made the trip this past week, bowling the team event on Tuesday and singles and doubles on Wednesday. The trip was amazing. I have never been to Las Vegas before, which obviously made me very excited to go.

I do enjoy bowling, but I don't really want to talk about that. I didn't do so well, and I have no idea why....

We spent much of our time at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, which is equipped with two bowling alleys. Yes, you read that right. There were two bowling alleys at this one hotel, both on the second level, which I will never understand. How can you have 60 bowling lanes on the second floor of a building? I honestly will never understand it.

It is a pretty cool experience. They get all the teams settled in the "Squad Room" where you have to listen to a presentation that is way too long, and then they play some music as you come out onto the lanes. Everyone is clapping and getting excited for play. It is pretty cool, the first time you do it. The second time, not so much. Oh well, still a pretty sweet experience.

If you are a bowler, I highly recommend trying the Open Championships out at least one time!

South Point was a good time, but we spent a lot of our time on Las Vegas Blvd. We did plenty of walking, looking at all of the magnificent buildings and hotels. The city truly never sleeps. There are also people walking around, and plenty of things to do.

We rode the roller coaster at New York, New York, which was awesome.

It is something I will never forget, but that was plenty of Las Vegas for me for awhile, that is for sure!

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