There is a new film entering theaters that was filmed in our great state of Minnesota. It is called 'Wilson', and stars Woody Harrison. They filmed it back in the summer of 2015, and it opened in the Twins Cities early this week. It is being released nationally this weekend.

It got me thinking. What are the best movies ever filmed in the State of Minnesota? I can think of a couple great ones off the top of my head!

1. Grumpy Old Men

This one might be a little obvious, as it is filmed in the small town of Wabasha, which is about an hour from Preston. The feud between John Gustafson and Max Goldman is just too hard not to laugh at. There are several reasons this movie gets the number one spot on my list, including the fish in the backseat! Slippery's anyone?!?


2. The Mighty Ducks

"It's knuckle-puck time!" - I'll yell this on the ice rink all the time. It does not go very well for me.

Minnesota and hockey pretty much go hand in hand, and this movie brings out the kid in everyone. Not only is it a movie for the entire family, but my buddies and I routinely watch this movie. I'm not going to say we go out of our way to do so, but we might.

Okay, this clip is from the second Might Ducks movie, but it is still awesome!

3. Fargo

The Coen Brother's classic is filmed in Minnesota, even though it is called Fargo. No, we do not speak like that!. Fargo isn't even close to Southeast Minnesota, but if somebody from out-of-state ask where I am from, it is the first thing they bring up. Fargo, and "you betcha." It just might be the best film ever made in Minnesota, but it comes in at no. 3 for me because of location relative to my hometown of Stewartville and hockey. Sorry, Fargo!

What do you think is the best movie ever made in Minnesota?


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