Grand Meadow Football Player Brennan Miland has been living with a tumor for nearly 10 years. He has recently been medically cleared to play football, just in time to help the Grand Meadow Superlarks go for their 5th straight State Championship.

Miland was honored by the Vikings as their "Hometown Hero", which was a very cool experience. Check out the video from the Grand Meadow Superlarks Facebook Page:

Miland was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2nd grade, and the tumor put him on the sidelines two years ago. Now, he is able to get back on the field, playing the game he loves.

The entire Superlark's football team was able to go up to the game and support Miland, which is very cool, too. They participated in a competition against all other State Champion Football teams from he 2016 season, which was cool too. You can see some videos of that HERE.

All in all, that is an awesome experience for the Grand Meadow Football team, and for Miland, who is back to playing the game he loves, which is incredible!

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