The Minnesota Vikings put the internet on noticed with "Duck, Duck Gray Duck" and now the Vikings continue with a fantastic childhood memory of "Leap Frog".

This was one of the most fantastic touchdown celebrations you will see, but I am not sure if it was executed very cleanly. A little miscommunication between the team on how to line up, but once they got it going, it was amazing. You can check it out HERE, courtesy of ESPN.

The Vikings are cruising with a 7-2 record, and look to be in control in the NFC North. We all know how this can play out, so let's just enjoy the win and see how long they can keep it up.

Do you like Duck, Duck, Gray Duck, or do you like Leap Frog? I think Duck, Duck Gray Duck is a lot more Minnesotan, which makes it better for obvious reasons, although Leap Frog is fantastic.

At least Leap Frog will not cause the internet to break into an argument that finds 49 out of 50 states wrong. #TeamGrayDuck for life!


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