If you remember on Friday, we had a post that referenced a warning from the Chatfield Police Department saying there was a person in Chatfield that was going around, door-to-door, asking to do "Electrical Inspection" in strangers houses.

There has been an update from the Chatfield Police department, according to their Facebook Page. The person has been identified, and they do not feel that  the public is in any danger, however you should still be careful when allowing people into the house.

Here is the full update:

The Chatfield Police Department may not any information right now, but they might in the future, so you can stay up to date on this warning on their Facebook Page.

Make sure you are always careful when people are coming to your door, and you should never let a stranger inside your home. There is plenty more to their story, and we will keep you up to date they best we can on our website.

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