The Minnesota Twins defeated the Kansas City Royals today to win their second game in a row, and start the season with a 2-0 record. The Twins lost their first nine games of 2016, so it is nice to see the team off to a solid start.

A couple of quick statistics/facts for you about the Twins will really make you think "How is that even possible?" No, they are not good stats...

We will use the Star Tribunes LaVelle E. Neal III to help with the facts:

Well, this stat is just ridiculous. How can you not win the first two games of your season in 10 years? What is most incredible about this, is the Twins actually made the playoffs a few of these years. Pretty incredible.

Now some help from Jamie Hersch:

The Twins have already shown off their power, with Miguel Sano and Eduardo Escobar already going deep. Yes, the Royals' starting staff isn't anything special, but the Twins have proven that they are going to be patient this year, drawing walks, getting guys on base and getting them in. The Twins have been aided by two, six-run seventh innings, which never hurts.

Now Mike Berardino drops some Twins knowledge on fans who want to forget the past:

That minus -120.5 average is so terrible, I want to rip my eyes out. Thankfully, the Twins have not driven me to that point, yet.

it has been a great start for the Twins, and they are back at it tomorrow on KFIL! 11:30 a.m. pregame and a 12:10 first pitch!

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