A new report lists Minnesota among the states with the highest tax burdens.

Minnesota is ranked 5th with an overall tax burden of 10.24 percent. The website WalletHub says the 2017 Tax Burden by State report is based the proportion of a resident’s total personal income that is directed at paying their state income, sales and property taxes. In Minnesota, 3.78 percent of personal income is used to pay sales and excise taxes, 3.59 percent goes to cover income tax, and property taxes account for 2.87 percent of personal income. Minnesota’s income tax burden is the fourth highest in the nation.

New York tops the ranking with a tax burden of 12.94 percent, followed by Hawaii at 11.27 percent, Vermont at 10.75 percent and Maine, which has a tax burden about a half point higher than Minnesota, at 10.73 percent. New York is also ranked No. 1 for its income tax burden, while Hawaii is No. 1 in the sales and excise tax category.

The data gathered by WalletHub shows the tax burdens faced by people living in states neighboring Minnesota are considerably lower. The tax burden in Wisconsin is below 9.5 percent and is ranked 11th. Iowa is listed 19th with a tax burden below 9 percent, while North Dakota is ranked 36th with a total tax burden of less than 8 percent of personal income. South Dakota’s tax burden is pegged at 7.12 percent, with a ranking of 44th in the nation.

The lowest overall tax burden is found in Delaware at only at 5.59 percent of personal income.

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