When March rolls around, basketball becomes the key focus of the sports world. Whether you are interested in high school or college basketball, it is the time of year that brings huge moments for players, where they can make their mark on their program.

My personal favorite tradition of March Madness is "One Shining Moment." The video, put together by CBS Sports, allows fans to re-live everything great about the NCAA Tournament. It gives you a quick recap of moments you may have forgotten about, but were truly incredible.

The National Championship game this year was a little boring, but "One Shining Moment" did what it always does. It gives you the chills. It even brings back memories of playing basketball myself. No, I was not able to make any moments like these happen, but it still takes you back. It is not just the plays, either. It gives you a look at the fans, the mascots, and the program as whole. It is awesome.

If you haven't seen this year's, you can check it out below, courtesy of CBS Sports via YouTube. It is awesome, just as it is every year.

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