Spring is finally here. You can tell, well because it rains pretty much all day, every day, and makes it incredibly difficult to get any baseball and softball games, track, golf or tennis meets in. The next thing you know, it is May and you have four games to play in a week for the next three weeks.

We call it the Spring Sports Season in Minnesota, and we love every minute of it. After months of winter and cold, we turn our focus back outside, to green grass and sunshine. The grass is sort of green, and well, the sun should be here any minute.

Until then, you can get the lowdown of Southeast Minnesota's Spring Sports teams during out Spring Sports Preview show! It airs Wednesday at 6 p.m. on KFIL!

The show will feature interviews with coaches from around the area, as we breakdown what area teams will look like this season. A big thank you to all of the coaches who help make this show possible, we couldn't do it without them!

Make sure you are tuning in on Wednesday, so you can be prepared for what is to come this Spring Sports Season. Although the weather hasn't cooperated yet, it is still early, and there is a ton of meets and games to play.

The preview shows is one of my favorites to put together, because I get a chance to talk to so many different coaches, from all over the area, and get to learn about them, their athletes and their program. It is pretty awesome, and I am so happy to bring that coverage to you.


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